Reface Design

After contacting us, we will send out a member of our design team that will come to your home, and listen to your ideas. This is a great time to look at some finer details like bigger drawers for a growing family or an island for entertaining guests. We will then take some measurements and have a design drawn up. You will have the option of a 3D layout if you wish. Once this is completed we will confirm the layout with you for approval. We encourage a lot of communication or photos along the way to help with any of this process. 

Once you feel satisfied with a design; door colour, door style, handles, counter top and sink can all be chosen to your preference. 6-8 weeks from the time we have finalized a design, our team of installers will work attentively within your home to give you a kitchen for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Why refacing you may ask? 

On average a homeowner can save about 40% compared to an entire new kitchen, this is a great idea to consider depending on budget and quality of existing cabinetry. You may have recently relocated and your style is not the same as the previous owners, or you may have owned your home for many years but feel your cupboards don't sparkle like they used too. 

Can we do new kitchens? 

Absolutely, we can provide our customers with full new kitchens. We are able to have custom cabinets built to our needs, and installed all by our team. Whether you are interested in moving around appliances or having all new cabinetry replaced we are able to provide all new cabinets if refacing your cabinetry is not achievable. New cabinets allow for some changes like more drawers or pull out garbage cans, the possibilities are endless.